How to Get the Best Wedding Hair Ever!

Do you want the BEST wedding hair there ever was in all the land? 

After all these years of doing hair, one thing I know for sure is that a perfectly placed hairstyle can make a girl feel devastatingly gorgeous! This happens to be a term that Elaine Ahearn, dear friend and client, used to say all the time; “Honey, just make me devastatingly gorgeous!”  To that, I say, “Hell Yeah! That’s what I do!”

On your wedding day, this should be you!  So today I wanted to share a few thoughts on how to get to “devastatingly gorgeous”:


  1.  Find some inspiration. Pictures are great., along with creating your own wedding Pinterest board. Fill it with things you like. Ask yourself, what stands out to me? What is it that I like about this hair?  Perhaps you like the way the bangs are. Maybe you like the placement, or is it the back? Be sure it’s the hair you like and not the general look of the girl in the picture. Is your hair blonde or brunette? Be sure the majority of photos you’re looking at match your haircolor. Hair styles present much differently on light versus darker colored hair.
  2. Determine what is important to you?  Do you like to have your ears covered.  Are there things you can’t stand, such as having frizz around your face.  Are there specific partings in your hair you prefer? Do you like the look to be finished and clean as opposed to a slightly disheveled look?
  3. What is the feel you are trying to create with your look?  Is it classic and sleek? Is it Boho-esque? A Vintage throwback?  Bring pictures of your dress or anything you may be wearing on this day to help us visualize your wedding concept.
  4. One major thing that is often missed is how important haircolor is to the look you’ve selected.  Consider having a color service at Debony Salon to really knock your wedding hair out of the park.

    Photo c/o Anne Skidmore Photography

Take these brides for example:

In this Boho look to the left, the texture that is created by the color in the hair is essential to the look itself.  Everything in the picture screams texture: the dress, the edgy succulent crown, right down to perfectly, well worn bleached ends.  If the hair was a basic, flat brown, you would not see the movement in this look. The color in this particular look makes it look slightly textured which continues to add to it.  Without it we would have trouble bring out the dimension in the look without the color.


Here, in this next photo, we see a more vintage look.  The lines are clean and finished. Her dark hair has high shine, perfect for keeping the look smooth.  Rich, solid color is great for hair of this time period. Washed out ombres and faded balayages would look inauthentic with a vintage hairstyle such as this one. 

The point is, the right color will take your look from ok, to devastating! 

While we all love our own stylists at home, consider talking to your wedding stylist about color.  Any one of our stylists would be delighted to have the opportunity to drop some color into the hair as an asset to your finished look. 

It ends up being a complete creation where the color will customize the look specifically for you. Strategic placement of color will allow the stylist to compliment your face and head shape, and influence what the eye is drawn to.  This is particularly important for photography. And let’s face it, these are the pictures you will have for a lifetime. For a complete list of color services, click here. To work with our Wedding Coordinator on scheduling a color appointment with one of our stylists, click here


We look forward to seeing you in the chair!