Hair cutting and coloring is where Debony Salon’s true artistry comes alive. Using Aveda Full Spectrum and Full Spectrum Deep hair color as well as L'anza "Flower Shield Technology" hair color and L'anza "Vibes" for fashion shades and vibrant colors, the Stylists at Debony Salon are able to create anything from subtle highlights or lowlights, full grey-coverage, demi permenent color glossing, balayage, ombre, pastel and neon colors for more alternative looks and more.

Each hair appointment begins with a consultation to determine what you like, love and what you would change about your hair. We’re constantly challenging ourselves through education and classes to bring our best to each cut and color. With unexpected add-ons like a facial steam towel, and complimentary make up application a hair cut and color at Debony Salon will leave your hair feeling healthy and fresh, a true expression of how you see yourself and your hair.


All hair cuts include a shampoo. To add a blow-dry please note this when booking. Blow-dry's are an additional $10.00.

15 Minute Haircut 
Starting at $26.00

30 Minute Haircut
Starting at $36.00

45 Minute Haircut
Starting at $40.00

60 Minute Haircut
Starting at $55.00


Blow Out

Basic Blow Out

  • 30 minutes
  • $35.00

Signature Blow Out with use of blow dryer and brush only. Recommended for those with short to medium length hair.

Deluxe Blow Out

  • 45 minutes
  • $45.00

Signature Blow Out with use of blow dryer and brush only. Recommended for those with thick or coarse hair.

The Mac Daddy

  • 60 minutes
  • $65.00

This Blow Out is used for wedding services and dressed looks that includes use of hot tools to finish the look.


Moroccanoil Treatments

$55, as add-on $20

  • Scalp Balance, Dry & Oily – Soothes the scalp while gently exfoliates and reduces flakiness or purifies the scalp to balance excess sebum.
  • Smoothing Mask – Intensly conditions for smooth, frizz-free hair.
  • Hydrating and Intense Hydrating – Deeply moisturizes to improve texture.
  • Restorative – Protein rich treatment repairs & fortifies to improve health of hair.

L'anza Ultimate Treatment

$41, as add-on $20

  • Starts with a chelating shampoo to deep clean your scalp and remove impurities and product build-up.
  • Followed by an ultra-rich Deep Treatment that is customized to your specific hair type. Choose from Strength, Moisture or Volume to tailor this deep treatment to your specific needs. A powerful treatment immerses dry, brittle or unruly hair with intense moisture to smooth and soften hair and improves hair's resistance to breakage.
  • Treatment ends with a Power Protector that seals the treatment in your cuticle and restores hair's natural pH balance.
Color Treatments

Aveda Full Spectrum Color Treatments & L'anza Healing Hair Care Color Treatments

Root Retouch

  • Master/Senior Stylist – $44.00
  • Junior Stylist – $32.00

Root to End Color

  • Master/Senior Stylist – $55.00
  • Junior Stylist – $41.00

Men’s Color Treatment … $67.00 with cut


Full Foil Highlight and/or Low Light

  • Master Stylist – starting at $90.00
  • Senior Stylist – starting at $80.00
  • Junior Stylist – starting at $60.00

Partial Foil

  • Master Stylist – starting at $78.00
  • Senior Stylist – starting at $68.00
  • Junior Stylist – starting at $48.00

Individual Foils

  • Starting at $7.00

Balayage & Ombre – price based on consultation

Semi Permanent Shine Treatment

  • Master Stylist – $45.00
  • Junior Stylist – $43.00
  • as an add-on $20.00 

All color treatments performed with Aveda and L'anza hair color products.

Aveda’s Full Spectrum™ and Full Spectrum Deep™ Color are the first permanent hair color treatments that are 97%  and 96% naturally derived with gentle, plant-based processing and conditioning.

Full Spectrum™ and Full Spectrum Deep™ are fade-resistant formulas that offer essentially damage-free results with their signature blend of organic botanical oils – sunflower, castor and jojoba. 

L'anza Healing Hair Color contains the Keratin Healing System and Flower Shield Complex that delivers rich, vibrant color that is on level, and true-to-tone.

Hair Extensions

Bonded Hair Extensions

  • Application of Bonded Hair Extensions, hair not included.
  • $65

Bonded Hair Extensions

  • Market Price

Hair extensions are a great way to add length, volume and fullness to the hair.