You’re Invited to Our Medi Spa Party!

When: Friday, March 29th, 4:00 – 6:00pm

Join Us…
For an evening on Botox, Juvederm Fillers, and Threads.

Dr Edwin Giron will be here taking NEW client individual appointments to tailor customized treatment plans based on your needs for Juvederm Fillers and Threads. He will also be offering actual Botox appointments for NEW clients as well, that evening.
For previous Debony Salon Medi-Spa clients looking to schedule a Juvederm Filler, Thread or Botox appointment, 
you are welcome to schedule an appointment prior to the party, that same day, for services. 

Special Discounts on Botox, Fillers and Threads
Botox: We’re offering $11.00 per unit on Botox services.
Fillers and Threads: Purchase one syringe at full price, enjoy the second syringe at 10% off,
the third syringe 20% off and the fourth syringe at 30% off. 

Guests are not obligated to book a Botox service to join the evening.

Guests can also purchase these services with the discount the night of the party 
and use them during future services at Debony Salon. 

Dr. Edwin Giron will also be offering actual Botox services the evening of the party as well as customized treatment plans.

We will also be offering light refreshments and a Q & A session

Please RSVP  if you wish to schedule a personal consultation for
Juvederm Fillers or Threads, or an actual Botox service the night of the party.
Click to RSVP or call the front desk at 603-383-9366.