A Time of Graduation

Dear Friends…



I wrote this letter to you all from the airport in Philadelphia, last week.  I traveled to celebrate my nephew’s graduation. I know this time of year has many of you doing the same.  I can remember my own graduation as if it was yesterday. The amazing sense of wonder that I had completed high school and that the whole world was before me!  The excitement was overwhelming. I was so eager to be independent and test the waters of the world.


I know that while I was having those feelings, my father was experiencing his own set of feelings.  I think they may have included things like, “Dear God, I can’t believe we made it!” And “Debony, you just have to make it through graduation….”.  Needless to say, it was a finish line we were reaching together. With that, here is a big shout out to all the moms and dads graduating their seniors!


With Father’s day upon us, I celebrate my Dad for seeing me through this and so many other life events, big and small.  Thank you, and an early happy Father’s Day to all of our terrific dads!


Next month I will be graduating my seventh apprentice, Jaimie Crawford!  I am so proud of all the work she has done. It is amazing to watch each apprentice grow and change, finding their niche. Sharing in that process with them is part of what is so rewarding as a mentor.


I am truly excited to see Jaimie become a cosmetologist.  Her desire to learn, grow, and create unfolds in front of us.  Her future clients will benefit from her keen eye and artistic ability.  I encourage you to check a service out with Jaimie; each visit is a real treat!


Many have been asking about our renovations.  We are still in the planning phases of the structural renovation.  I have spent much time researching various options and connecting with clients about their suggestions.


These considerations will be including updates such as, improved accessibility for handicap access to the building and to the pedicure areas, additional work space with high quality lighting for cosmetic application and color services, and a general expansion of common area space for a better product experience center.


Your opinions and suggestions are more important to me than ever as we endeavor to create the best experience in all things beauty, personal grooming, and wellness, in an environment that is steeped in education and a passion for sharing this trade. Be in touch at debony@debonysalon.com.


Thank you for you business and joining us in this journey!