February Newsletter

This February we will be starting our much anticipated renovations.  We decided to undertake this renovation as a response to current demands.  As you may know, busy days have us very congested in the workspace. This effort will address this issue. There have been many questions about what these changes will mean for all of us who work and frequent Debony.

At the core of our business, and what we have always been known for, is cutting and color.  That still holds true as it is the largest percentage of services performed. With that, this expansion will include a new color lab!  This area will have additional chairs, shampoo bowls and back bar with state of the art LED lighting that is tunable and dimmable to achieve lighting that will be outstanding for evaluating color.  We will work to transition most of our lighting in the salon to this type of lighting not only for performance but also for its efficiency on every level.

We are always hearing about brick and mortar businesses having to compete with the big box giants.  Why leave the comforts of your home when Amazon will deliver right to your door? My answer is: a shopping experience!  Some people still want to come to have an amazing shopping experience. That is just what we plan to create in this new space; experience centers that are interactive.   This will mean great things for shopping for cosmetics in our new Makeup area. The tunable lighting will change the way we see makeup.

Our pedicure area will be getting an upgrade and relocation!  More space, more privacy, but still in an area where you can see all that is going on in the salon.  We will also add an additional chair to allow more services to be done at once, accommodating larger groups at once.  This will be particularly helpful during the wedding season. Come have a pedicure together!

We are always adding new services!  We will be creating a medispa downstairs to accommodate the new offerings.  This area will have its own entrance, a waiting area for guests, and three new treatment rooms. Dr. Edwin Giron has been offering many of these new services.  Cassie has added Dermaplaning, and Sara, who we all know and love, will pursue her passion for Esthetics by starting an apprenticeship to become a licensed esthetician!

We are very excited that the crew from MWV Homes will be doing the work to make all of this a reality! The salon will be open during this process with the exception of the last two weeks of April.  We ask that you bare with us during this time. We do believe it will be well worth it!

Thank you all for your support and Business.