February 2017 – Newsletter

Dear Friends,

As a business owner, the calendar year is marked by many things. Holidays and Hallmark holidays create a call to action, prompting us to create something engaging that can be gifted. As it turns out, February belongs to our Presidents and St. Valentine! I know about our presidents, but it brought to wonder: Who was St. Valentine?

I decided to do some research and, as Bruce would say, I consulted the “great oracle,” known to the rest of us as the internet. As it turns out, it seems like history or legend gets a little murky. Some feel St. Valentine was a martyr who was imprisoned, separated from his love, the daughter of his jailor! Suffering from a broken heart, he scribed letters to her signing them “Your Valentine”.

In spite of this and many other versions of who St. Valentine was, and what the day represented to different people, I think many of us can agree that it has become a time to recognize the ones we love.

With all of this, the girls and I got to work on brainstorming what we wanted to offer for Valentine’s Day. It was about that same time that I was in touch with some of the wonderful women from Starting Point, a private non-profit agency that provides services to victims of domestic violence in Carroll County, NH. They reminded me that, in fact, this can also be a very difficult time of year for people who are struggling in their relationships. They suggested that this should be a time for being kind to oneself, remembering not to forget to offer the same kind of love we would offer to others to ourselves.

In that spirit, we have created a special menu of services that can not only be gifted and enjoyed for Valentine’s day but throughout the entire month of February. These services will be focused on pampering you! We hope you’ll join us. Take some time to celebrate a month of recognizing taking care of you, and the ones you love, of course. 😉

View our Valentine’s Day menu and email our front desk to book your package!

Happy Valentine’s Day!