‘Tis the Season


While sand and sun may be the big signs that summer has started, there are other hints that warmer weather is here to stay. Here, at Debony Salon, we know summer has unofficially started when the lace, flowers and bling flow freely at the salon; and that to us means wedding season has arrived!

Debony Salon is your wedding resource for your dream, mountain side wedding. The


Photo by Maillett Photography. Hair and Make-up by Tarmey Ross.

White Mountains offer a beautiful destination for a wedding of any kind, from rustic to mountain side to grand ballroom, Debony Salon offers services to match.

The salon has worked with many brides, but each one stands out for her individual style and beauty. While the cosmetologists love what they do in providing beauty services, the most joy they get from working with brides is sharing in the bride’s special day. By the end of a bride’s time working with the salon, she goes from being a client to being a friend.

Once you’ve decided to have your wedding in the White Mountains and decided on Debony Salon as your salon and spa, we start the process of working with you to find out what look you’re hoping to achieve for yourself and your wedding party.

Well, first we should say, CONGRATULATIONS, you’re engaged! This is a big deal and we want to celebrate that!

Our next order of business is connecting you with Debony


Debony Salon Wedding Coordinator, Adina Gagne

Salon’s Wedding Coordinator, Adina. She is your touchstone for every question you may have and she welcomes any and all of them. We want you to feel as comfortable and confident as possible with your wedding look. To work with her, contact Weddings@DebonySalon.com

Once you have connected with Adina and filled out the wedding intake form and provided a deposit for your services, we book your wedding. Questions important to us are:
–How many people in your wedding party would like services?

–What services would you like? Hair, nails and make-up?

–Would you like jane iredale Mineral make-up or Airbrush make-up?

–Will you be doing a first look with your fiance prior to your ceremony? If so, how many hours before the start of your ceremony would you like to be ready?

–Will you be wearing a veil, crown or other headpiece?

We love photos, Pinterest boards, magazine cut-outs, color


Photo by MKD Photography. Hair and Make-up by Marissa Schoen.

schemes, photos of your dress and any other detail of your wedding that can help us create the exact look you’re going hoping to achieve. The more information the better!

We also highly recommend trials prior to your wedding day. A trial provides the opportunity for you to work with your stylist without the chaos that can come with your actual wedding day. Typically, brides will come in up to a month before their wedding to practice hairdressing concepts and make-up.

With a trial, never be afraid to ask questions or offer alternatives to the initial idea. This is your time to perfect the look you want to have on your special day. A trial also helps fine-tune the mechanics of the actual day, giving you and your stylist the confidence to move seamlessly through your services without running into any scheduling snags.

Congratulations, again on becoming engaged. We’re so happy for you and cannot wait to be a part of your special day and make you feel like your most beautiful self!