Note from Debony!


I appreciate that you take the time to read my monthly note.  We process so much these days. The volume, with the world wide web at our fingertips, increasingly intuitive and convenient.  This is supposed to be a benefit. In many ways it is as we tailor our individual needs and uses. But the flip side has many of us operating on another level.

After spending the past two years intensely focused on space and infrastructure,  these aforementioned things happen to return my focus back to creating experiences.  Never has there been a time when creating experiences, based on the needs of the individual, is more important.  We will redesign our menu and the way we do business to do just that. This sounds frightening to some, but stay with me here.

Historically our industry has classed services and pricing by gender.  I have asked myself for years if this makes sense? Some of my “Men’s Cuts” take longer than a “Women’s”.   We have decided to change the classification of our haircutting services to “Haircuts”. It is almost laughable to me as I write, because it’s so simple and obvious. Haircuts will be booked based on the amount of time that is needed to meet customers needs: a 30 minute cut, a 45 minute cut and so on.  You may even want to request more time if you have a lot of hair or a super detailed cut. In any event, I want the customer and the stylist to be able to do that based on needs, and not by gender.

You will see these changes coming on our newly designed menu.  Moving forward, we will look at our color services in the same way, addressing needs based on time and the services needed to achieve those goals.  You will notice a supplementary menu that is available daily with product and service specials to customize your experience at each visit. New pricing will be available on both of these menus as well and can be viewed here.

In the coming weeks, we will begin to circulate a survey to collect information about what you think of our new approach.  You’ll still enjoy the same crazy experience. Front desk staff will walk you through our new approach. We look forward to customizing each visit for you, and we look forward to your feedback on it!

The other part of our approach that I would like to draw attention to is our tiered pricing schedule.  This creates multiple price points based on experience and skill. It’s a great way to fit these services into any budget.  We also invite anyone interested in being a model for individuals learning and practicing services in our apprentice program to become part of our email list by clicking here.  We will update you when services are complimentary or discounted for practice sessions. Your participation here is valued and appreciated!

We hope you will be excited about our new offerings as we are!  Here is to creating experiences during the coming holiday season.  We are even offering customizable holiday parties for any group, or even just with a special friend or family member.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

With Thanks,