The Apprentice Diaries, 1

Debony Salon, is unique in many ways and one of them being that it’s a working salon.

Debony Salon Blow-Out Menu

Our girls at the salon are total artists when it comes to using a brush and blow dryer.

July Newsletter, 2016

This letter, I’m sure, is finding your summer in full swing! I know it has been here at Debony Salon! We have been busy with services to prep you for graduations, and year end celebrations!

June Newsletter, 2016

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Dear Friends, Spring has finally sprung!  Even though the winter and the spring have not met most of our expectations, I still find myself feeling the same way that I feel every year.   I am always a little sad that winter is fleeting, (it’s my favorite time of year), and full of wonder that spring…

Cocktailing…Not Just After-Hours Drinks

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Cocktailing doesn’t just have to do with  mixing the perfect after-work drink. This concept is alive and well in the salon industry. Combining the perfect styling products is an art in itself. A crucial link in constructing and maintaining the perfect cut, color and style is the products you use. Every stylist at Debony Salon has their favorite…

Creating Your Foundation

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Finding the right combination of coverage, when it comes to your make-up and foundation needs, can be an interesting journey. Whether you’re looking to cover acne or just even out skin tone, finding the right foundation is critical in your skin care and make-up routine. Debony Salon works with a variety of clients from brides to…

‘Tis the Season

While sand and sun may be the big signs that summer has started, there are other hints that warmer weather is here to stay. Here, at Debony Salon, we know summer has unofficially started when the lace, flowers and bling flow freely at the salon; and that to us means wedding season has arrived! Debony…

Hair Extensions

Yes, Debony Salon is in the business of cutting hair, but it can also make your hair longer. Through the use of hair extensions, you have the ability to add up to eighteen inches of real hair to your look. Working with ‘Satin Strands,’ the hair extensions are made up of real, human hair. Using…

Debony Salon Has a New Look!

Debony Salon is going on twelve years old and over those years the salon has grown and nestled into it’s place in the community. Starting out as a one woman show in the white house on 16A, Debony created a sanctuary for all of her clients. Creating an eclectic space filled with unique art, antiques…


The months of April, May and June act as our own summer vacation, as we recharge and fill up the well, before a busy summer of welcoming thousands of visitors. While we work hard at Debony Salon for a successful summer it’s important to take some time for ourselves before we go into full gear.…