Small Business Saturday

We’re celebrating ShopSmallSaturday on November 26th!! As a small business that is going on twelve years of being open, we have to reflect on all that it took to get here. All the late nights, the trial and error, the courage to put the open sign out front and the loyalty of our clients to…

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Why I Love November

Dear Friends, I love November!  Things sort of slip from the frantic pace of trying to capture those waning fall days and fleeting Indian Summer moments into warm days in the house with the wood stove going, storing food from the garden, unpacking winter clothes, and spending time in the crisp woods. November in New…

Un-complicate Your Curls

What does a healthy curl have? It has hydration, strength and definition. How do we get this? By taking proper care of our curls and using the right products. When we see shiny, moveable curls, we know they’ve been hydrated properly and that they’re not brittle and dry. Did you know when your hair becomes frizzy…

Hair Color Gone Viral

Debony Salon is an ever-changing entity, always keeping up with current trends and education, bringing its clients the best in services and products.

Lip Service

It’s been twenty-plus years since we were living knee-deep in the high hair, bright colors and big fashion of the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Real Beauty

We hope you’ll join us in celebration and/or support of your own personal battle or survival through the Making Strides Against Cancer Breast Cancer Walk.

Move Toward Balance with Tulasara Facials!

With a customized facial at Debony Salon, we do more than give TLC to your skin.

September Newsletter, 2016

I closed last month’s newsletter with the word “Tulasara”, which is Sanskrit for moving towards balanced, and I promised to expand upon that in this month’s newsletter.

Run Circles Around Your Under-Eye Circles

Under-eye circles are a huge pain. No matter how hard you try, it can feel as though the blue and red hues that make-up those pesky dark circles peek through even the most pristine make-up.

Way More than 50 Shades!

We’re becoming hair wizards here at Debony Salon, and have just introduced “Urban Shock” colors into our color repertoire.